Men in His Image - Revd Yee Ching Wah

given on 16.06.2013
Bible Passage:

Fruit of the Spirit - Revd Yee Ching Wah

given on 09.06.2013
Bible Passage:

Walking in the Spirit - Pas Simon Chan

given on 02.06.2013
Bible Passage:

Honoring our Elders - Guest Speaker

given on 26.05.2013
Bible Passage:

Pentecost Sunday - Revd Canon Terry Wong

given on 19.05.2013
Bible Passage:

Dancing through the Seasons - Guest Speaker

given on 12.05.2013
Bible Passage: Exodus 20:12, Ephesians 6:1-12

Family as God has Intended - Revd Chua Siang Guan

given on 05.05.2013
Bible Passage:

A cry for help - Andrew Yeo

given on 28.04.2013
Bible Passage: Matthew 8:1-4