Who do you say I am? - Revd Chua Siang Guan

given on 29.04.2018
Bible Passage: John 15:1-8, Acts 8:24-40

In the Name of Jesus! - Revd Chua Siang Guan

given on 22.04.2018
Bible Passage: Acts 4:5-12, John 3:16-36

Only Jesus: Living In The Truth Of The Resurrection - Pastor Glenn Chan

given on 15.04.2018
Bible Passage: Acts 3:12-19; Luke 24:36-49

Blessed are you who believe - Revd Canon Yee Ching Wah

given on 08.04.2018
Bible Passage: Jn 20:19-end, Acts 4:32-35

Resurrection Sunday : The Truth Will Set You Free - Revd Aow Kwong Bu

given on 01.04.2018
Bible Passage:

Maundy Thursday: Knowing and Doing - Revd Tang Wai Lung

given on 29.03.2018
Bible Passage:

The God of Love Weeps - Mr John Chong Ser Choon

given on 25.03.2018
Bible Passage: Luke 19:37-44

The Rich Young Ruler & The Beggar - Revd Chua Siang Guan

given on 18.03.2018
Bible Passage: Luke 18:18-27;35-43