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This Sunday @ E2 & E3: Dwelling in the Resurrection Life

posted 31.08.2014


At E2 & E3 Services this Weekend: 

 Dwelling in the Resurrection Life

Tom Bloomer

This Sunday, Tom Bloomer from YWAM will speak on “Dwelling on the Resurrection Life” at our 9.00am and 11.15am services.

Armed with a Master’s degree in Missiology and a Ph.D in the Theology of Education, Tom has ministered cross-culturally in French-speaking Switzerland for forty years.

He has served as the International Provost of the University of the Nations (UofN) since 2001 coordinating the UofN courses held in 580 training centres in 160 nations.

Teaching the Word is the primary thrust of Tom's ministry; the challenge before him is to discover what it means to love God not just with our heart, soul and strength, but with our minds as well.

Tom's hobbies include aerobic history, extreme gardening, and fifth-dimensional composting.

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Holy Communion will be served at E1 (7.30am) service.