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Hermeneutics - How to read & interpret the bible

posted 07.02.2018

Date: Saturday 24 Feb 10, 17 Mar 2018
Time: 10.00am - 12.00pm
Venue: The Chapel (Level 2)
Speaker: Mr Kua Wee Seng

“Hermeneutics” is the study of interpreting the Bible. How we interpret the Bible forms our beliefs and practices and shapes our relationship with God and others. It is critical that we learn to interpret the Bible accurately and faithfully. This course will not only help us interpret the Bible, but better read, study and apply it. 

About Kua Wee Seng
Kua Wee Seng completed his theological studies at Regent College, Vancouver, where he also served as a teaching assistant to Prof Gordon Fee.  He served as a lecturer at Discipleship Training Centre and a part-time lecturer at Trinity Theological College for a number of years.  He is currently the Director of the China ministry of an international Christian organization.  He is a member of the Theological Education Board of the Diocese.  He and his family worship at the Church of the Good Shepherd.”

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