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A God who rescues and restores by Dr David Miller

posted 15.04.2018

FRIDAY 4 MAY 7.30PM - 9.30PM & SATURDAY 5 MAY 9.30AM – 12.00PM
St James’ Church, Auditorium (Level 3)

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Israel in the Big Picture of Scripture

Who is Israel?

Has Israel stumbled beyond recovery and has the church replaced Israel?

What is God’s sovereign will and purpose “as He bound all men to disobedience”?

Election and calling – have God’s promises failed or are they conditional?

The 7 blessings that came from Israel: adoption; divine glory; covenants; law; worship; promises and patriarchs – are these blessings still relevant to Israel and the church?

Romans chapters 9-11 is the pivotal point of the Apostle Paul’s great theological treatise about God and the state of humanity. These same chapters are also about the nation of Israel. Why is Israel central to the Apostle Paul’s theology and what is its relevance to us?

God’s ongoing relationship with Israel throughout history is a revelation of His character. This translates into direct, personal relevance to our lives and how we view our world today.

Come and learn more through Dr David Miller’s teaching from Romans 9-11.


Dr. David Miller is one of the co-founders of Shoresh Tours. He was born in the US in 1952 to a Jewish family and came to faith in the Messiah in 1976. He and his wife Deborah immigrated to Israel in 1982. After receiving a Masters Degree in the Hebrew language and the Israel Government certified guide license, he taught field courses for church and seminary groups from a variety of nations. He later received a doctoral degree in biblical literature from the University of South Africa. David and his family moved to Kenya in 1993, where he served for 7 years in theological training for African pastors. He also served in church planting among an unreached people group in the mountains of South Sudan, 2007-2010. David and Deborah currently reside in Pennsylvania, USA.

St. James’ Church is delighted to welcome Dr. David Miller back to our pulpit. He will be conducting a Christian Formation course on Friday 4 May (730pm – 930pm) and Saturday 5 May (9.30am – 12pm) and he will be speaking at all our weekend services.

We encourage all cells to attend the Friday night session together as a cell; come and be built up together in the hearing of God’s Word.