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Why I need Revival…

posted 24.05.2015

Why I need revival ….

I thank God for the St James’ worship team that inspired the Diocese gathered in worship on Thursday night and our leaders who came. I pray that God has sealed something into our hearts that night; I remembered as God reminded me of why I need revival. Bp Ruch, the Synod speaker, shared that revival is the power and life of God that overwhelms and overcome us; returning us to the true purpose of our creation.

We are called to plant by faith a revival of Word and sacrament; infused by the Holy Spirit. These 5 elements in revival deserve much reflection:

1. Planting and not performing in ministry
2. Walking by faith vs sight
3. Revival of the Word
4. Revival of the Sacrament
5. Infused by the Holy Spirit

Bp Stewart Ruch recounted at a meeting of denominational leaders they were asked “How long will it be before your members complain if there was no worship on Sunday?” Some said 2 weeks; others 1 hour!

How long will it take for complaints to come if there was no discipleship?

How long if there is no evangelism? One minister said “It has been 11 years …”

At this point, my tears flowed and I sensed the broken heart of God as the song lyrics go “… break my heart for what break Yours”. Are we guilty of playing church, performing to an audience and not planting by faith the Gospel? The Word which is the power of God to save? The sacrament which is Word added to deeds; sacraments bring the presence of God into our world through the ordinary and material world; or as Bp Ruch said so succinctly “Matter matters!” Do we look at our situation and lose hope? Or will we be infused by a fresh hope in the Holy Spirit; no matter how things look?

Will I pray for an opportunity to plant the seed of the Gospel each day or is that seen as an exceptional or rare event? The thought of taking over the role of vicar on 1st July is a joy and a tremendous honour. St James’ is probably one of the faster growing parishes in the Diocese as I shared at AGM. From a performance point of view, this looks pretty good! Our finances are healthy; the people are generous and if the trend of the first 4 months of this year are indicative, we will exceed the budgeted revenue. Our building is new and amazing despite some of the maintenance issues which are receiving due attention from a group of competent and conscientious staff and members.

We have Bodies, Bucks and Building. We do have active Discipleship Groups (Teleios DGs), 2 runs of Alpha a year and are conscious to reach out at Easter and Christmas. Ticked and Checked!

It is easy to hide behind these but God is asking me; God is asking you: “Do you need a personal revival of planting by faith or Word & sacrament; infused by the Holy Spirit?” I DO need that revival Lord …

What about you?

Do you need to respond in obedience to be baptized? Baptism is on 12 July and classes start on 31 May.

Do you need to be confirmed? To humbly seek the charisms of God; believing as the bishop lays his hands and prays for you on 13 September, that God imparts grace and His power to live His resurrected life; EVERYDAY.

Do you need to be in a cell; DG; to read the Word and pray regularly? To let the living Word convict you, repent and turn to God afresh and find mercy and grace to help you in our hour of need?

Do you need to be infused with the Holy Spirit; receive His power to serve His people and minister life?

I do.

Pastor Siang Guan