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Vicar’s write 9 October

posted 09.10.2016

We are very thankful that for the smooth progress of the renovations and I want to share what changes are being made:

  1. We will have a new 50 seater classroom where the former Meeting Room 2 and Youth Lounge were. This will provide a venue for CE courses and seminars as well as a space for ministry on weekends.
  2. There will be no more Conference and Resource Rooms within the office; instead we will add 5 staff cubicles in anticipation of future needs and some storage place.
  3. 3. Meeting Room 1 is no longer available and is replaced with a new 10 seater meeting room. This has allowed us to create a new access to Meeting Rooms 3 and 4.
  4. The bamboo garden area will be demolished and the area made level. We will create an al fresco seating area for small groups and make this an outside space for the youths to hang out.
  5. Meeting Room 3, much bigger that the previous Youth Lounge will replace the former to help our youths to bond and fellowship.
  6. Meeting Room 4 will be turned into a larger meeting room and equipped as a new classroom to seat 35-40 persons.
  7. Meeting Rooms 5 and 6 will be combined to allow a bigger space for the growing Teleios Todds ministry on Sundays; an acoustic wall will be installed which allows for the room to be converted back to 2 smaller meeting rooms during the weekdays.
  8. We would also be improving the garden area outside Meeting Room 5 for al fresco small groups meetings.


We continue to improve facilities to serve our growing ministry needs. E.g. do use of the self-service lockers installed at the Plaza to store your personal belongings when needed. However, NO OVERNIGHT STORAGE IS ALLOWED for security reasons. The vergers will clear off unclaimed items for disposal each day. Thank you for your patience, prayers and partnership in the gospel.

Ps Siang Guan