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Vicar’s write 30th August

posted 30.08.2015

“To fear anyone will prove to be a snare,
but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe.” Proverbs 29:25

Last week started with the terrible news of the bombing in Bangkok; there was relief as Andrew, Diana and Ps Ching Wah assured us they were all well. Yet, I was saddened to hear about the loss of lives; including a Singaporean and the many injured. Our prayers are with them and for the land of Thailand. God have mercy.

We want to stand against every evil and we do that by looking to God in prayer; not looking to man or any other way. It is God who watches over our coming in and going out. That was how we sent off the team that ministered in Banchang in the midst of this tumultuous news; we committed them to God as they transited and stayed in Bangkok. We were so thankful to receive the team back safely on Tuesday!

I rejoice also as Joycelyn Yeo, a recent graduate and daughter of Ps Henry and Bernice Yeo, has committed one year of her life to join our Tribute programme. She is leaving first to Lat Krabang to touch base with the students from the recent English Immersion Camp before heading off to Banchang to assist Ps Anong in Christ Church Banchang (CCBC). This is an important milestone for our maturing missional calling.

Our desire is for Thailand to be a diocese; that means the local congregations like CCBC need to grow; mature; be financially independent and become self-propagating churches of the Gospel i.e. parishes. In our Anglican structure, we require 6 parishes to form a Diocese; so far Thailand has 1. By faith, we want to play our part to see more parishes added!

I think of Isaiah 6:8 where God asked “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” Men and women called and sent out by God is the focus here. People responding to God’s call for their life, more than anything else, matters! God is bringing SJC deeper and beyond just the giving of our finances. Will we release our sons and daughters when God calls? I thank God for Ps Henry and Bernice’s example; may we also rejoice and learn to entrust our children to God as parents.

As a church, I know God is teaching us how to be missional; SJC has been generous but what is the next lesson you wish to teach us Lord, as you bring us into a deeper walk of faith? This is one lesson that emerged as the clergy and senior staff members re-visited our SJC vision in a one-day retreat. Thanks to all who prayed; much was achieved in that retreat leading us to prepare to share with the lay leadership and SJC in due course. I am praying Haggai 1:12 for us; may we hear and obey the voice of the Lord and fear Him only. He is faithful; He alone is able to keep us safe as we journey through this life! Amen.

Pastor Siang Guan