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Vicar’s write 28/29 May 2016

posted 29.05.2016

We thank God for a good AGM and the election of the 2016/2017 PCC members that will serve till the next year’s AGM. A PCC commissioning will be held on 29th May at the E2 service. We invite you to join us as we commit them in prayer to serve the LORD with all wisdom and faith.

SJC will be celebrating our 40th Anniversary in 2017. We have chosen the theme “From Glory to Glory” which will be celebrated throughout 2017. We envisage 3 movements:

  1. REMEMBER our past to know God’s chesed (unfailing love). This primes our faith as we prepare to praise and respond to God’s call.
  2. REJOICE in praise and celebrate God’s present faithfulness as we reach 40 years as a parish.
  3. RESPOND to establish a work of faith (future) in response to God’s promise and call for us as a people and church.

The act of remembering our past is to discern and know God’s chesed love. The first and primary way is to return to His own Word; the self-revelation of God.

For the 2016 Ordinary Time we have chosen to preach from Hebrews with this theme “Growing in Glory” as a preparation for 2017. Hebrews is a challenging book with many references to the Old Testament. It will require us to look back to see where and how God is working today and in the future to come. I commend to you to read through Hebrews and also to pray for those who will be preaching. You can follow the upcoming sermon series below:

Date Passage Title
11/12 June Hebrews 1 Starting the race
18/19 June To be confirmed Church Camp week
25/26 June Hebrews 2 Warning signs
2/3 July To be confirmed Youth Sunday
9/10 July Hebrews 3 Winning the Race
16/17 July Hebrews 4:1-13 Receiving God's Blessings
23/24 July Hebrews 4:14-5:10 Overcoming Weakness
30/31 July Hebrews 5:11-6:20 The Race to Maturity
6/7 Aug Hebrews 7 Eternal Companion
13/14 Aug Hebrews 8 God's "New Deal"
20/21 Aug Hebrews 9 The Runner's Power
27/28 Aug Hebrews 10 Staying in the Race
3/4 Sep Hebrews 11 Models of Faith
10/11 Sep To be confirmed Ministry of SAT-7
17/18 Sep Hebrews 12 The Runner's Discipline
24/25 Sep Hebrews 13 Running by the rules


There are a multitude of ways to remember God’s salvation in our own life. Look out for opportunities to know God’s work intimately as we learn to slow down and hear his still small voice speaking to us especially in prayer. Towards this end, we look forward to putting into practice the spiritual disciplines of solitude, meditative prayer and quiet retreats which we studied last year in the “Celebration of Discipline”. The whole purpose is to re-learn ministry from a place of rest that God intends.

The second way to remember is to tell our stories of God through interesting SJC memorabilia, photos, anecdotes or stories. A sub-committee headed by Ps Peter Chen together with our wardens from the Chinese and English congregations and Mrs Carolin Tan from our staff will be happy to receive suggestions and talk further with you on how we can capture these into an anniversary publication for 2017. If you would like to contribute in anyway, do send an email to or call the office to talk with them.

“The time is now” for us to remember, rejoice and respond to God as we are changed from one degree of glory to another daily.


Ps Siang Guan