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Vicar’s write 27 September 2015

posted 27.09.2015

My family and I would like to thank all the SJC staff and church family for making the Service of Induction and Institution so memorable; the presence of the Lord was indeed overwhelming. Thank you too for the many gifts from members, friends and other parishes. I feel so loved and welcomed into the St James’ church family and convicted that the appropriate thing to do is to share these with the church family. So on behalf of my family, THANK YOU for your generous blessings!

Many guests shared they left impacted, appreciating the meaning of the service. They are rejoicing and praying for St James’ Church as we enter this new season. I want to remember the many who sent their prayers and well wishes but were unable to come because of prior travel and other commitments. You are not forgotten and your partnership and prayers are received with much gratitude.

Finally, we have full video coverage on archive and will release video clips of the service for you to enjoy once the editing is done. I especially want to highlight that Bishop Rennis’ sermon is available online through the SJC website; I commend it to us for our listening and learning.

With the induction and institution service now behind us, we look forward to an exciting last quarter in 2015. October is Vision Month; I will share the fruit of the envisioning exercise that was carried out with the staff, ministry and PCC leaders over the last 3 months. Please keep me in prayer as I unpack the Crossroad Church vision God has revealed through the sermon series this October.

As I prepare for this, I claim stanza 3 of the recessional hymn for the induction service - “We rest in Thee”. In spite of a feeling of “great weakness” in the journey ahead, we go in faith, needing and experiencing the grace of God each day, which sustains and peals with a song of triumph in our hearts! Some leftover copies of the service order are still available for those who missed the service and may want to keep it for reference or revisit the lyrics of the songs.

The SJC Crossroad Vision will lead us into Mission Month in November 2015 and as we enter Advent 2015 (December) and a new Christian year, we want to get ready to welcome the return of Jesus! We celebrate and proclaim the Good News of His birth and coming that others may also know and worship Jesus. Look out for exciting updates on what is to come and be in prayer that God is glorified in St James’ Church.