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Vicar’s write 26/27 August

posted 26.08.2017

“If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together.” 1 Cor 12:26

I just received the ground report of the flood  situation in Nepal from the Dean of Nepal. Below is a list of areas where our Anglican Members in Nepal are affected. A team from Singapore is on standby to leave for Nepal to assist our local clergy with the relief work. 

“An initial $60,000 is needed to supply the immediate needs of these people. Cherish your prayers for the people in Nepal and the coming relief work.”  ~ Revd Lewis Lew (Dean of Nepal)

In Eastern Nepal
1. Ramechhap: 4 houses are at risk of collapsing. The people need to be relocated in another area. Christ Church's foundation seems to be at risk of collapsing.  Repair to the foundation to the church and boundary wall needed. Immediate relief items needed - Zinc and food.  

2. Pharpu Khimti Ramechhap: Landslide washed away 11 houses, killing 3 and 2 still missing. 34 houses are still in danger zone. Immediate relief items needed - Zinc, blankets and food.

3. Rautahat: 35 acres of land was swept away. One church member’s house was swept away. 47 families affected and are relocated. Immediate relief items needed: Blankets and food.

4. Bara District: The village is still flooded. Jeebanmarg Church building is affected by the flood. (We will assess and make a decision on the need to rebuild later).

5. Sindhuli:  Large amount of land swept away. 11 families are affected and 1 church member died.  Immediate relief items needed - Blankets and food.

In Central Nepal
1. Upper Dhading: 14 houses were completely destroyed by huge landslide. Thankfully, the people escaped in time. The villages are at risk of another major landslide.  Immediate relief items needed: Zinc, clothing and food.

2. Manahara and Tinbhangalae, Makawanpur: 50 houses destroyed. 7 members died and 6 still missing. Immediate relied items needed - Blankets, clothing and food. 

In Western Nepal
1. Bhatapur, Kailali: 1,500 families affected by the flood. Immediate relief items needed - Mosquito nets.

2. Bijaynagar, Kailali: 500 families affected. Immediate relief items needed - Mosquito nets.

As I read this email, my heart went out to those who have to brave the waters that engulfed and swept away their homes and lives. St James’ Church will be releasing some funds from our provision for giving immediately.

Let us go beyond the prayers we have offered to God over the weeks and remember these our brethren who are suffering and bring them hope to know they are not forgotten as disaster after disaster strikes this nation. If you would like to make a designated donation for this flood relief to the Anglican Church in Nepal please put your cash/cheque in the Special Offering envelope and indicate “Nepal 2017 Flood Relief” on the back of your cheque so we can help direct your gift to the deanery.

Please note that if there are excess amounts on completion of the flood relief efforts, remaining funds will be directed to ACROSS or the work of the Deanery of Nepal by the Diocese of Singapore.

THANK YOU for your generosity and partnership in the gospel.

Pastor Siang Guan