Visiting SJC?


Vicar’s write 25/26 April

posted 26.04.2015

It has been a faith-lifting week at the Sarang Church Discipleship Conference in Seoul. We are still processing and praying through what we have learnt and observed. As always, what is most helpful is to see pastors and leaders who love God and are very focused on the work of the Gospel. If the church is focused together in following Jesus wholeheartedly, undoubtedly, there will be a deep joy in our lives and our witness impact on our society will be deep and lasting.  

Attending seminars like this is not about trying to copy yet another programme. It is about us pastors seeking God for His will and obeying Him in our own vineyard. At one stage, I was deeply involved in promoting Alpha and I can see how easily people can get excited about a programme or associate themselves with the success of another church. We praise God for what He has done in churches like Holy Trinity Brompton, Covenant Evangelical Free Church (we have almost 100 SJC-ers participating in their annual conferences) and Sarang Church.

But what does He want to do in and through SJC? These churches have made a significant contribution to the wider body. What will be SJC's? Here, prayerful commitment and leadership is needed. In this SG50 year we want to pray and ask what does He want to do in the next season. I believe there is much He wants to do through a local church like SJC. I will not be there in this new season to lead but He has appointed Revd Chua and the current team for this task. Pray with them, support them and for His sake and His Body's, be submitted to their leadership and work closely together.

There is a lot of potential in SJC. Already He has done much in these years which we need to give thanks for and continue in. At this year’s AGM, we will get to analyse the growth statistics. But we know that we are called to be a strong church, not just a large church. I am excited for what He can do in and through SJC. A local church which is alive, resourceful and fruitful can impact nations. If we follow our Lord Jesus wholeheartedly, we can only imagine what SJC can be in the years to come. It is a vision which is worth dedicating our lives to. An individual can only do so much. But a community, committed to the Lordship of Christ (obedience) and empowered by His Spirit has exponential potential.