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Vicar’s write 23/24 May

posted 24.05.2015

Refresh – Reconnect – Renew

The bi-annual Leaders Conference has been a regular feature in SJC. Where there is a common vision, bond and commitment shared between brothers and sisters, we will want to gather together to share, pray and get to know one another. As far back as I can remember, I have served actively in the local church. I appreciate the discipleship and discipline inculcated where I have learned to serve under authority and accountability – to both the pastor and those around me.

I have never seen myself as “serving God alone.” I have always been serving him with a community.

I was indeed a “model” church member. I would attend overnight prayer meetings – not because I felt very spiritual – but because I did not want my senior pastor to be discouraged by poor attendance. At every Leaders Conference, I would be there and I never asked who the guest speaker was and what the programme was all about. It was a real privilege to serve and because they let me serve, I was grateful.

And so, I played the guitar, led Bible Study groups, led in worship, went on mission trips and so on. Prayer Meetings? These may not have always been exciting but I could not imagine myself skipping it if I love the Lord, the pastor and His church.

Today we have a modern word called “Church mobilization.” The pastor needs the skills to cast vision and find ways to mobilise the members. We screen slick videos to sell the vision and the pastor preaches till he is blue in his face on the need for us to move as one body.

But as far as I am concerned, the day I gave my life to the Lord and was baptized in the local church, I was already mobilized. Do I need any convincing to attend an event where it is about the ministry of the church or moving with the leadership? No. Not if I still want to enjoy the privilege of serving in the church. 

As I move on, I am keenly aware that while SJC is so richly blessed, we can take many things for granted and values which guided me as a young leader can no longer be assumed.

As the Leaders Conference draws near, if some of you are still undecided, decide to be there. For those already coming, prepare your hearts.

The theme is Refresh – Reconnect – Renew.” May we be refreshed as we worship and be blessed by Mark Parker’s ministry. May we reconnect with one another and cherish our friendships and community.  May we renew our vision to be a “Crossroad Church” for seekers, each disciple, the wider Body and the nations.

Revd Terry Wong