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Vicar’s write 21 May

posted 21.05.2017

From Glory to Glory: Crossing over beyond SJC40!


Seen the colourful banner at the lounge and wonder what that is all about? It is more than a piece of beautiful artwork. Let me briefly explain and encourage us to play our part as we move towards SJC50.

Thank God for a very joyous culmination to REJOICE as we REMEMBER God’s faithfulness at the SJC40 celebration service cum dinner at the Singapore EXPO on 30th Apr 2017. The highlights of the celebration have been shown before the services for the last 2 weeks and we will put these resources into our website once they are finally edited.

Under the leadership of Bp Rennis, space was created for the Lord to deposit words of faith to direct SJC on the way ahead. 5 days earlier, at The Workers’ Communion, a special gathering of pastoral staff, clergy and their wives, Bp Rennis encouraged all parishes to grow and cultivate an environment where the Holy Spirit is given room to speak and lead God’s church forward into revival. This is also very much on all our hearts as clergy, staff and the PCC.

The PCC and HODs spent Saturday morning on 6th May to sit quietly before the Lord in worship and hearing Joshua 1:1-9 read meditatively lectio divina style. Then we revisited the words released at the 30th April service and others who sent in their impressions at the SJC40 Celebration service and after.

St. James’ is God’s church and I believe He will lead us by the many things that are simply not coincidences but His quiet divine guidance. E.g. we were already preparing to preach through the book of Joshua this coming July and one of the email impressions received later had strong resonance and reminders for SJC to hear first from the Lord.

By divine providence, God made available a Christian sister who is a professional visual recorder to work with us within 3 days. She sat in for that prayer meeting and the banner at the lounge is the product of her listening in to our conversations, prayers and reflections to capture what she sensed the Lord is saying to us in SJC. E.g. the points highlighted in yellow are repeated themes and emphasis that came out of that collective prayer meeting. And the portions of printed words on the banner are extracts from  the words and impressions given during the SJC40 Celebration.

As We believe in St. James’  - “Everyone Matters. Everyone Discipled.” As a believer and part of this growing faith community, let the Holy Spirit speak to and through us, especially as we think about the coming Jubilee in 10 years’ time. On pages 88-89 of SJC40 commemorative book we are all encouraged to pen a personal love note to God. This is our response to what God wants to do through us and collectively as a church that we reflect more and more of His glory for the generations to come!

May we be like Moses who asked of God this one thing as he led Israel out of Egypt “If your presence will not go with me, do not bring us up from here. For how shall it be known that I have found favor in your sight, I and your people? Is it not in your going with us, so that we are distinct, I and your people, from every other people on the face of the earth?” Exodus 33:15-16.

God is a speaking God and reveals His secrets through His prophets (Amos 3:7). Trusting that we all seek to see the glory of God increase in our life and St. James’ Church, will you also take time to read through, meditate and pray about the themes highlighted and words released since 30th April? You may want to do this individually, with your prayer buddies or even as a cell group. Use the Prayer Room or some quiet spot to hear and journal what God says to you, that we in St. James’ will be transformed from one degree of glory to another as we cross over as a new generation of God’s people.

1. Drop in the love note found in the envelope on page 88 of the SJC40 commemorative book to the church office; or
2. Drop us an email to of words or impressions that God is giving you as you seek His glory; or
3. Share with me or one of the staff if you prefer to have face to face conversations

Your fellow servant in Christ,
Ps Siang Guan