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Vicar’s write 20 December 2015

posted 20.12.2015

Thanksgiving for new staff

On behalf of St James’ Church I am happy to announce 2 new staff that have joined the team.

The first, Mrs Carolin Tan, is no stranger. Carolin has effectively led our Family Life Ministry (FLM) for many years as a lay member and will continue in this role, now as a full time staff. This will bring additional blessings to families that are facing increasing pressures.

In addition, Carolin will assist me in the Vicar’s Office in the areas of strategic planning and people development. Her last 28 years in the Ministry of Education holding key appointments and also as Principal of schools has prepared her to contribute in invaluable ways as we embark on a journey of discipleship.

Next, we look forward to welcoming Revd Peter Chen who will join us as an auxiliary priest as of 1 Jan 2016. An auxiliary priest is a retired clergy who now serves a parish, like St James’ Church, under contract.

Below is a brief write up to introduce Revd Peter Chen and his wife Rosalind, 2 persons I believe God has prepared and led to St James’ Church. Their rich experience will contribute to our parish life for this next phase of our journey towards discipleship.

Revd Peter Chen served as a Deacon, then as a Priest in St Andrew’s Cathedral (SAC) in the last 12 years. During his time in SAC, he initiated and developed the Christian Education Ministry and the Foundational Discipleship Program for new believers.

He assisted the Dean in launching the Teleios Discipleship Initiatives for leaders and mature believers as well as overseeing the Cell Ministry. He also served as the congregation Pastor providing pastoral care and leadership over two congregations.  

Before entering full-time work, Peter spent 29 years as a military officer in the Singapore Armed Forces. He did his postgraduate studies in Applied Theology in Regent College, Canada.

His passions are to build the faith of every believer and to equip and empower lay leaders to be faithful witnesses both in the Church and in the world. He firmly believes that in a pluralistic society like Singapore, it is critical to build in every believer the right doctrinal foundation, highlighting the uniqueness of Christ and the distinctiveness of the Christian faith. 

Mrs. Rosalind Chen was a teacher before leaving to serve God full-time as a pastoral staff in St. John’s-St Margaret’s Church. Her responsibilities were to look after Adult Christian Education and to write the weekly discussion material for the cell groups. She was also Editor of the quarterly newsletter for both St John’s-St Margaret’s Church as well as St Andrew’s Cathedral.

Rosalind is a cancer survivor and has fought 2 different cancers and the side effects of radiotherapy in the last 30 years. She began her postgraduate theological studies in Trinity Theological College but had to put it on hold when diagnosed with her first cancer. Praise God she was able to complete her studies ten years later in Regent College, Canada.

Her passions are to help God’s people, especially the new believers and the chronic and terminally ill, to be strong in their faith and to live as over-comers.

Do welcome Carolin & Revd Peter Chen to the staff team and remember them and their families in prayer as they serve us in St James’ Church.

To God be the glory!


Ps Siang Guan