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Vicar’s write 1 November 2015

posted 01.11.2015

We thank God for Milk x Honey @ SJC, conceived as a Third Place when we started one year ago in October 2014. What is a Third Place? It is a welcoming place other than our homes and workplace where people can gather and are comfortable to do so.

Even as we re-envision our church’s Crossroad vision, God has led us to re-envision the exciting potential of Milk x Honey in our discipleship journey.

On the staff front, let me introduce Ps Swee Geok and Maggie who are in charge of developing the café for ministry. Let me also share some specific developments and plans going forward.

1. We thank brother Mark Su who had faithfully served as our operator cum barista for the past one year. Mark will continue to make wonderful cups of coffee in SJC every Sunday. The rest of the week will be helmed by Ps Swee Geok, Maggie and team.

2. The café continue to operate on a freewill offering basis for any beverage served. In time to come, the team is looking to offer some light bites to accompany the coffee.

3. As a missional church living out Christ’s mandate, we have designated ALL proceeds from 1 November 2015 onwards towards supporting our Tier 2 mission work (i.e. the Diocese of Singapore missions which includes the 6 deaneries). The expenses to run this ministry comes from our SJC ministry budget.

4. Milk x Honey is a Reach OUT ministry; so look out for programmes where we will engage small groups of visitors/ members to begin or deepen their journey to BE disciples.

5. Milk x Honey is a place for discipleship training where skills to serve will be imparted and learned. Be it in making coffee, cleaning tables, serving guests or helping in small group Bible study/CE courses or running in the café; those involved will be changed to Christ-like ministers of the Gospel.

Pray for Milk x Honey to be a Third Place where we are formed spiritually.

Ps Siang Guan