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Vicar’s write 1/2 July

posted 02.07.2017

This week we celebrate Youth Sunday; it is a joy to see our SJC youths and youth pastors bless us in the services. Under God’s hand, though unplanned, I see this as a prophetic act of “Possessing God’s promise from generation to generation” as we “passover” towards SJC50. I use “passover" instead of “crossing over” in a nuanced way since God is the main subject; like that first Passover night. Through His leading, we achieve His purposes as He invites us, especially the next generation, to rise up as we are all formed into a tapestry for His glory!

The cell groups will be recommended a companion bible study material as we begin the sermon series on the book of Joshua. I strongly encourage us to be in a cell and learn from one another; not just through the pulpit preaching but through our own diligent self-study of this precious Word entrusted to us.

Thank you for praying for the staff team, PCC members and spouses as we were refreshed by the silence and solitude at 7 Fountains, Chiangmai. I received many blessings from the LORD and the retreatants affirmed the same in their written reflections; even though it is their first time for most in such a retreat. We will process the learning and share more about what was corporately discerned and how it co-relates to our T.O.P. priorities of Teleios, Outreach and Prayer.

Please get a copy of the May 2017 Diocesan Digest and read Bp Rennis’ article “It’s Harvest Time”. The sensing of Bp Rennis and the national Christian leaders is to prepare for a national harvest in 2019. Meanwhile we can participate by creating space for God to act; pray for revival; consecrate ourselves for the work of the harvest and prepare our churches for the harvest.

God is moving and has orchestrated so wonderfully that our visit to 7 Fountains is in part learning to create space for God to act as we listen out for ourselves and SJC as we move towards our Jubilee in 2027.

Get hold of your LoveSingapore’s 40 Day fast & prayer guide today if you have not done so. Let us join Singapore to pray for our beloved nation even as we see a thickening darkness swirling and enveloping the world. Meanwhile, let us be watchful like the wise virgins (Matt 25:1-13) for the coming kingdom of God even though we know not the day or hour. May we consecrate ourselves in holiness and be prepared to welcome Jesus the bridegroom who is seemingly “delayed” in coming but will surely come as promised.

Ps Siang Guan