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Vicar’s write 19/20 November 2016

posted 20.11.2016

Shalom, before the hectic year-end activities pile up, I write to introduce the recommended book for cell groups in 2017.

The theme verse for SJC40 is taken from 2 Cor 3:18. Bearing in mind that the first half of 2017 is dedicated to REJOICE as we reach the milestone age of 40 years since the first worship service started in Feb 1977, we want to see everyone discipled and transformed “From glory to glory!” (2 Cor 3:18)

There is much to rejoice and be thankful for as we look back and also forward into the future. But I asked myself, do we have an adequate theology of rejoicing? How do Christians view pleasure? Often we fall into a spiritual trap where pleasure is allowed only in the realm of worship and the so called spiritual domain and we end up robbing God and deprive ourselves of the very things God created for us to enjoy: God himself and all of creation!

Gary Thomas, wrote “Pure Pleasure: Why do Christians feel so bad about feeling good?” Gary is one of my favourite author for he writes simply and yet deeply anchored in theology and the Scriptures. Listen to this interview he gave that succinctly explained his motivation for writing “Pure Pleasure

Pleasure is God’s precious gift to inspire and fortify our worship of God; helps us to walk with integrity and edify our soul and will serve our relationships as God created them and intended them to be. We are poorer when we deprive ourselves of pleasure! I commend this book to you as a form of preparation of our own mind and life to celebrate SJC40 with all our might; to enjoy the varied pleasures God blesses us with and see even our marriage and other relationships thrive!

If you are not yet in a cell or small group, it is time to be in one and take delight and pleasure in God’s good gift of relationships. Let’s wait in expectation that will lead to the consummation of the hope of Jesus’ return! (Psalm 16:11)

Ps Siang Guan
2nd Sunday before Advent 2016