Visiting SJC?


Vicar’s write 18/19 April

posted 19.04.2015

In the earlier part of the year, we have planned to send out two leadership teams; one to the Sarang Conference on Discipleship (Seoul, Korea) in April and the other to the HTB Leadership Conference (London) in May. It is part of our on-going exposure and learning process where we seek to observe and keep up with the latest developments in churches, whether locally or abroad. Of course I did not know then that in going to Sarang, I am also preparing and envisioning for St Andrew’s Cathedral, which has also started a intentional discipleship programme of late.

This coming AGM will be unique as it comes in the midst of our leadership transition. If you love the church - and whether you are a member or not - please do join in. As we are holding it at 11.15am on Sunday 26 April, we will first gather for worship at the 9am Service, where we have invited our dear brother Joseph Chean to share again. I am sure that it will be a timely message from the Lord. I believe that it will be a powerful morning of re-visioning as a church.   

Plans are under way as we prepare for the coming Leaders Conference on 1st and 2nd June. This is not a planning or strategy conference, but one where we renew our relationship with the Lord and each other. If you are leading and serving in SJC, I trust that by now, your ministry leader would have asked you about your participation. We are blessed to have Mark Parker, a wonderful YWAM senior leader and sought after trainer, to lead some of the sessions. I am confident that you will be spiritually refreshed as he shares from the Word and his years of experience in the ministry.

I will also facilitate a few sessions were we will revisit values which have undergirded the life and ministry in SJC. In a highly utilitarian society, undoubtedly, we also measure the church and one another by how effective we are and how much we can do “for the Lord.” We may find ourselves treasuring less relational values like commitment, honouring one another, koinonia in Christ and faithfulness. This is almost unavoidable unless we are intentional about seeking to build community and relating to each other as persons and members of the
family of Christ. Just do a casual reading of Pauline letters in the New Testament and you will find that the things which are closest to their hearts can be sometimes very different from our modern urbanised churches.

If we are to continue to grow without burning or hollowing out, we need to go beyond superficial symbols and “KPIs” of success and treasure what makes a church a church. That will be my prayer for SJC and may you continue to thrive as a Christian community till He comes again.