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Vicar’s write 16 August

posted 16.08.2015

“Take my life and let it be”

“Take my life and let it be; consecrated Lord to Thee!” This well-loved line from a familiar hymn is resounding in my head this morning as I reflect on Ivan Lim and his dear wife Corrine’s life journey.

Ivan has been serving as a full time staff in our HEAL ministry; reaching out to ex-offenders. This work, done in the background, is not restricted to Singapore; occasionally you find teams from Malaysia and even Taiwan visiting us. We thank God through Ivan, working and connecting with partners like The New Charis Mission and other halfway houses, those in prison are visited; heard the Gospel and many are discipled while serving out their sentences or when they are released. Just last Sunday, we hosted a group from Operation Dawn, Taiwan, who visited and gave their testimonies in the Auditorium after the E3 service.

“Operation Dawn Gospel rehabilitation ministry was founded by Rev. John Paul Chan (陳保羅牧師) of Hong Kong Beautiful Gate Baptist Church. September 1984, Rev. Lau and his wife (劉民和牧師夫婦) were sent to Taiwan and founded Taiwan’s Operation Dawn.  Currently there are 12 Operation Dawn centers in Taiwan.” Please visit their website to learn more

However, this ministry of drug rehabilitation through the Gospel is non-denominational in nature. In addition to rehabilitation work, Operation Dawn operates a theological school that trains ex-addicts to be ministers of the Gospel. Ivan is one such graduate and through the grace of God has served in St James’ Church for the last 5 years; ministering to addicts and ex-offenders in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan.

On 26 September in Taiwan, Ivan will be ordained by Operation Dawn as preacher or 传道。Operation Dawn monitors their graduates post-graduation on their own spiritual formation and ministry progress. This ordination process includes continuing theological study, writing book reviews and a panel interview. While Ivan is not an ordained deacon or priest in the Diocese of Singapore, nevertheless, we want to recognize, affirm and rejoice in Ivan’s work as pastor in the spirit of the wider Kingdom of God. I call my brother pastor Ivan and I commend the same to you. To God be the Glory!

Pastor Siang Guan