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Vicar’s write 16/17 September 2017

posted 17.09.2017

Last Thursday, we hosted more than 500 people to the exposition by Bp Rennis Ponniah on “Jeremiah: Against Wind and Tide”. This was planned as part of our SJC40 Celebrations as we wanted to celebrate and properly steward the Word of God as SJC passes over into a new generation of seeing God’s glory revealed!

We thank God that practically the whole Diocese of Singapore was represented (25 out of 27 parishes) along with members from at least 13 other Singapore churches. Those who came are willing and committed to spending 5 weeks  learning God’s Word. This is a new milestone for us in SJC and all glory to Him as we learn to steward God’s truths! May His word continue to transform our heart, mind, soul and strength!

On 7 Sep 2017, we finally received word that the brand new SJC App is “live” for both Android and iPhones. Even though I am a pen and paper person, I am personally excited by the possibilities that this additional channel gives to engage and interact more with St Jamers. I believe this can be a new way for us to engage as a church, in small groups and even person to person. DOWNLOAD IT NOW on your smart phones and tablets! All thing come from God, even new media and technology. So let us enter, conquer and possess it to serve the Kingdom of God. Some positives are:

1. Better access to current and upcoming events that you can easily leverage on to invite friends and family.
2. Sermon outlines and Powerpoints for you to take private notes as you hear the Word preached each week.
3. Option to hear sermons you may have missed with slides and outline.
4. Interactive Prayer and Praise Reports – another channel to supplement the Prayer and Praise Cards we just launched.
5. More importantly  -  the “Forum” function where you can ask the preacher questions, give constructive feedback and also interact with one another so the learning does not stop after the Sunday sermon. My prayer is that we will grow as a learning community centred on the eternal truth of God’s word.

Our vision for SJC is to be a Crossroads Church of Spirit-empowered disciples; may the Gospel be sounded out as we bring all things under the rule and Lordship of Jesus.

Pastor Siang Guan