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Vicar’s write 13/14 June

posted 14.06.2015

“New Beginnings!”

We thank God for a fruitful SJC Leaders and Workers’ conference on 1-2 June; a time to refresh ourselves in the Lord; reconnect with co-workers in the ministry and renew our passion and vision! About 100 of us gathered and God refreshed and renewed us through His presence and His Word preached by Mark Parker from YWAM. The refreshing and renewal also came through reconnecting us as a community of God’s people, prepared for what He is going to do as we remember His leading and look forward to the future! For those who went; your presence and co-labour is deeply appreciated. For those unable to be present and the rest of the St James’ Church family, please know your prayers and presence in the spirit is equally important. Those who stayed behind and those in the thick of the battle share in the same blessing from God (1 Sam 30:24).

This Saturday and Monday, 3 groups of JYMers and their mentors depart for Philippines, Chiangmai and Cambodia for their annual mission exposure trip. We pray for the safety and unity of the teams. I am sure for some this is a new experience and may this strengthen them. We rejoice that the support from your donations was overwhelming; the JYM mission teams are using your offering to the Lord to sow seeds of the Gospel. May they experience miracles, healing and trust that God will bring forth new beginnings to new life in Jesus Christ for the people they minister to.

Back in St James’ we prepare for new beginnings too: Ps Terry as Vicar of St Andrews’ Cathedral on 1st July. We want to pray for him as a parish (English, Mandarin and Cantonese services) on 28th June in one combined service at 10am that day. In his own words St James’ “sends him forth as a missionary” to continue the good work God is doing through him and Jennifer. We will miss them and yet we must rejoice as we see God’s kingdom expanding; we look forward to hear how the Cathedral will be blessed!

The expansion of God’s kingdom continues as SJC stands with the nation on 5th July in prayer at the Sports Hub at JDOP. Tickets are almost fully taken up and if you are on the wait list, please be assured we are trying to secure more so that as many of us can be present. 4th July (Sat) at the 5pm service will be another new beginning; we will commission our 2015/2016 PCC members and also consecrate ourselves and SJC for JDOP the next day. It shall also be my first service in SJC as Vicar; another new beginning. God is on the move and may we His people joyfully and willingly give ourselves to follow Him.

Lastly, pray for those 24 preparing for baptism on 12th July; a new beginning for them in calling SJC their home! The number may still grow, praise the Lord! Baptism will be held at the 11:15am E3 service so we can also host a lunch to get to know and fellowship with the family members and invited guests of the baptismal candidates. Pray for them and come join us in welcoming them to SJC -  “A place we call home”.

Pastor Siang Guan