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Vicar’s write 11/12 July

posted 12.07.2015

The past 2 weeks had zoomed by like a whirlwind; a meaningful farewell service for Terry where 700 plus attended. Then on 4th July (Sat), we commissioned our 2015/2016 PCC and also consecrated ourselves along with the Singapore church as part of our preparation for the Jubilee Day of Prayer; culminating in praying with 50,000 Christians at the new Sports Hub. It was a joyous celebration in prayer for Singapore’s Jubilee year!

This Sunday, I have the duty and tremendous joy to baptize 33 people and welcome them into St James’ Church. We are so excited they have found a home here and look forward to what God will do; using each of them to build up His body in St James’. I am reminded; to build up something is immensely more difficult than just championing a cause! It is like asking the chicken and pig to contribute something to provide the most memorable bacon and egg breakfast ever! Both require sacrifice; may we not chicken out (pun intended) but give everything to God. The parables of the hidden treasure and pearl of great price (Matt 13:44-46) comes to mind.

God has impressed on me the need to come back to basics. I felt so blessed on 1st July, as I marked my first day as Vicar, receiving the ministry of prayer from my clergy brothers, staff and also the Vicar’s warden and wife who made a special trip to the office that morning. There are no grand plans or agenda but rest assured the SJC leaders, staff and I will re-visit the Crossroad vision of SJC and the ways God had led this church. Pray for humility to meekly receive these revelations and a renewed holy courage to obey and take this vision to the next level with the Lord Jesus leading the way ahead!

This is the season for school applications and my prayers are with the anxious parents looking for priority admissions to our Anglican primary schools who may not totally meet the longstanding criteria set out by the Diocese to be placed on this priority queue.  Do prepare and get the list of criteria from the office. But even if your child cannot be placed on the priority phase, my prayer for you from Prov 3:5-6 is to “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”

God is sovereign; I too have learned to acknowledge Jesus as Lord; He knows what is best and as I submit, I found indeed the paths ahead straight even when I did not get what I prayed for my own child. Coming back to the basics is to discover this truth: God is no man’s debtor. In giving everything to follow Jesus, the paradox is we receive an overflowing treasure, Jesus,  that cannot be lost. I commend this truth to you today.

Pastor Siang Guan