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Vicar’s write 10/11 December 2016

posted 11.12.2016

Shalom! Are you excited? I certainly am!

Come 1st January 2017, we enter a milestone year and season for St James’ Church. We have consciously made room to REMEMBER what God had done in the past 39 years; His grace, blessing and favour in bringing us to SJC40. It is in the same way, how during this Advent we prepare our hearts to joyously welcome Jesus and by faith see Jesus come as King in God’s coming kingdom.

2017 will see a new level of SJC coming together as ONE parish; there will be 3 combined bi-lingual services on 1 January, 30 April and 31 December! Mark these dates in your diary and come REJOICE and RESPOND in faith to what God had done, is doing and will continue to do in and through St James’ Church.

WHAT has been planned for 1st January 2017 and HOW we can honour God in this covenant service?

  1. We remind ourselves we come together as ONE body of Jesus Christ in St James’; we rejoice that we are united by the ONE Father, Lord and Holy Spirit (Ephesians 4:4-7)
  2. This will be a Holy Communion service where we receive God’s all sufficient grace to keep our baptismal vows as we touch the prepared bowl of water and also consecrate our life to be wholly God’s.
  3. What if I am NOT yet baptized for some reason(s)? Know we are saved by the redeeming grace and work of Jesus alone; yet the Lord desires we be disciples, loving God’s command including to be baptized. May I suggest you purpose in your heart that touching the water, a sign and symbol of baptism, becomes an expression of your desire to be baptized; and with God’s grace work towards that. Not being at the service is not a solution and does not help us grow into maturity.

Finally, let us thank God for a wonderful opportunity to grow in love for the brethren. We pray for the Covenant Service, we plan to car-pool, take public transport, park outside SJC so the more elderly can still find parking. You can also offer to help in any way to lift up the Name of Jesus and serve His people.

Ps Siang Guan
3rd Sunday of Advent 2016