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Living in the Spirit - Vicar writes 21 June 2013

posted 21.06.2013

I was away over the weekend with my family for holiday break in Taiping. I was glad to be able to catch up on Revd Yee’s message for Father’s Day from our website. To father well  - as a provider, protector & progressor - is to reflect the image of God. If you weren’t here last weekend, I will encourage you to hear this important message.

We had a refreshing and wonderful Leaders & Workers Conference earlier in the month. One of the issues which the Lord brought to our attention is the work of the Spirit. We need to return to the biblical centrality of God’s work in our hearts and lives through His Spirit. While we should avoid being fixated on reducing the work of the Spirit to a cluster of manifestations - and by that, often in association with one’s past experiences – there should be a spiritual desire and hunger for His presence and on-going work in our hearts. In fact, it is often a deep trust in our Father, which keep us from fear, indifference and on the other hand, a pre-occupation with signs and wonders at the expense of an intimate relationship or other important aspects of Christian faith and living. Of course there will be both joys and disappointments as we journey with a perfect Father with our broken selves and in a fallen world. But journey we must and take to heart every “Spirit promise.”

As we continue to complete our sermon series on Pentecost and follow up on our Leaders Conference, we will be blessed as we receive the ministry of both Sis Swee Geok and Pas Richard Chung (next weekend). Listen with an open heart.

This has been a hazy period. Being  away recently (photo: a stream in Taiping) made me appreciate nature even more.  I used to think why some Christians should be so bothered about environmental issues. I have come to realised that it is not a political issue. It is a biblical one. We need to "take care of our garden" (“The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” – Gen 2:15). The haze is a reminder of our poor human stewardship or irresponsible pillage of nature. A wake-up call indeed to Christians to care for His creation.

It should not be a concern of some activists but a concern of all.