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There is hope for those facing disabilities

posted 08.09.2013

A bruised reed He will not break And a dimly burning wick He will not extinguish; He will faithfully bring forth justice. - Isaiah 42:3

Many of us have a family member or relative who face serious health, psychological or learning challenges.

Looking back on my past, I grew up with a cousin who had Down’s syndrome who stayed under the same roof. I have memories of a late uncle of mine who had bouts of schizophrenia from time to time. I still have vivid memories of visiting him in Tanjung Rambutan Hospital (in Malaysia). The place looked like a prison. It was a dark day and it was raining. I can remember seeing this man standing in the rain and shouting, “Daulat Tuanku.” I was barely a teenager then but I was not shielded from these harsh realities of life.

I am sure each of us may have a story to tell. We are all broken in one way or another; it’s just that for some, it is more obvious. There is no need to be ashamed of this.

My Bible isn’t.

It speaks of a God who loves and redeems. It teaches us that we should value people for who they are in God, rather than how they are measured in our perfection-crazed society.

And I am told that God has a plan and purpose for every person. We run away with that and think that this person must do something great at some point in his life and discover his/her “finest moments.” I read the list of people that God has used and I realized that they are very ordinary people, and in fact, some lived on the less glorious side of life.

Pause to thank God for everyone you know. Let His grace show you how to see another. It is a powerful filter that helps us to see the true value of a person.  

Persons with disabilities do not need to be "fixed", as if they are problems which needs solving. We need however to accpet na dlove them. They do need to be encouraged and supported. And when you do this, you give them strength and hope.

**You can also listen to the moving message on how we can bring hope to families with members who have disabilities, by Revd Wilfried Hoecke here, shared on 8th Sept at the 11.15 am Service.