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Vicar Writes – 30th Nov ‘14: Welcoming Mike Pilavachi back

posted 30.11.2014

(More info here on the meetings.) 

This week, we welcome Revd Mike Pilavachi & team back to Singapore.

Mike is not just a guest speaker. Over the years, he has become a good friend to me, Jennifer and SJC. Though a sought after international conference speaker, he has endeared himself to us as a down to earth person and humble minister with a servant heart.

He loves the food here (especially banana leaf rice) and adores the Christmas lights along Orchard Road. I have never met someone as funny as him and his British humor always catches me unaware. Every moment can be an occasion for something funny.

Mike loves God and His people. Kind, uncritical and encouraging, folks just like to hang around him and learn from him. He has mentored and raised many anointed worship leaders like Matt Redman and Tim Hughes. Such is his heart to pursue God that he has always sought to understand the person and work of the Spirit in a way that is true, Scriptural, edifies the Body and glorifies His name.

I know he has a lot to bless us with in the area of the work of the Spirit.

December is a strange month. While it is a time when most people are supposed to wind down, the month has her own form of unusual busyness. I will say it is ok to be busy with some things as long as it brings us closer to the One we want to adore. I know this coming conference will be precisely that. You will be richly blessed. You may cry but you will certainly laugh. If we have a heart to bless someone and the faith to trust the voice of God, in yielding to the Spirit, the Lord transcends the limitations of our personality and character, and uses us in ways to bless others that we never imagine is possible. 

And when you come to Service next weekend, remember to invite a friend.

(Photo: Mike when he was here last December with the team - and their reactions to durian at the Ghim Moh Food Center)