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Vicar writes 29th Sept 2012

posted 29.09.2012

Dear Members & Friends

Thank you so much for helping to give Bp John Chew a wonderful thanksgiving service last Sunday. He said he was very blessed and have always feel comfortable and at home in SJC. He has this to add:

"Richest blessings and truly appreciate you, Jennifer and all at SJC for the wonderful joy and Service on Sept 23.  The warm hearts which went to have the choir prepare for that wonderful hymn was a blessed re-enhancing of the spiritual resource for the continuing journey."

Indeed no human being is perfect but the 'culture of honor' is such that we honor a person not because of his list of accomplishments but because we believe God has called him to serve as bishop over us. As a parish, we want to continue to honor our church elders. Bishop John Chew stepped down as bishop on the 28th of Sept at a special service at the Cathedral.

We also welcome the 25 candidates (in pic) who were confirmed into the life and ministry fo the Church.

We are also grateful for your generosity in giving towards My Saviour's Church (Indian) Building Fund. We have received about 11k thus far. If you have yet to give and want to do so, please contact Christine at or tel 64690715.

As for this weekend, we can look forward to the ministry of Pas Don & his team from New Charis Mission. The Service times will be as usual.

The Alpha Weekend is in progress too and please keep them in your prayers.


Pas Terry Wong