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Vicar writes 28/29 March 2015

posted 29.03.2015

This week, we bade farewell to a wonderful man, husband, national leader. Statesman, father and politician. In so many ways, Mr Lee Kuan Yew has set an example that can inspire us as we count our days and seek to live it well for the Lord. Many good accolades, reflections and eulogies have been made. I find Mr Dhanabalan’s reflections insightful, balanced and helpful. As always, it is when you work with a person up close that you really get to know him. May you find some time today to be quiet, remember his life, pray for the bereaved and that the good legacy he has left behind will continue.
But today, we also enter a week to celebrate the living legacy of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Week is a very special week as we journey with Christ in His final days and grasp a bit more, who He was in His humanity and what He has done for us. Do join in the 7/11 Prayer Journey. If you can’t find any slots available, the prayer chapel will also be set aside for you to spend some moments there in guided prayer and meditation.

We expect a huge crowd next Sunday for the Easter Celebration. We are doing our best to ensure good overflow video facilities. Let’s give the best seats to visitors. This is the very least we can do in the spirit of hospitality and desire that they may hear the Gospel. We need to do the same for the carpark. These little sacrifices are all an essential part of our worship and honour of the One who has sacrificed His life for us. 

Good Friday and Maundy Thursday Services are also evangelistic in nature and it would be good to bring friends along.

Preparations are under way for our AGM on the 26th of this month. Do note that the 11.15am service will be cancelled for that Sunday. I am sure most of the current PCC members will be happy to serve another term. If there is someone whom you think should be serving, the nominations can be made through the Church Office.