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Vicar Writes – 23rd Nov ‘14: Loving God with ALL…

posted 23.11.2014

Chapters 12-14 from 1st Corinthians is a perfect example of how parts of Scripture are better learned in a classroom or small group setting. We don’t understand Scripture on our own. The work of others can be very helpful. Some verses are difficult to understand upon first reading. But if we step back and see the big picture view, we will better appreciate the details and how they fit in. This is one reason why it is good to read up on or attend courses giving an overview of Scriptures.

I trust that this series on 1st Corinthians has whetted your appetite on Scripture at all levels - personal devotional readings, applications for our daily life, God’s wisdom to address the deeper philosophical issues of life and so on.

There is a lot to know and sometimes, we may not even know where to begin. The long road ahead can sometimes discourage us from starting. And so we may waste our life, time and intellectual resources on computer games, Facebook/Instagram activities and restrict our reading to 2-minute internet articles or news. As a result, we get bored easily and with all that spare time and energy, we get tempted by vices and other forms of appeasing our bodily appetites.

However, if we choose an ordered life, giving top priority to knowing His Word and issues that really matter; over time, we will see the difference. Some of our youths and adults have been raised on "Christian fast-food,” with a spiritual knowledge that is many square miles wide but only an inch deep. No wonder they drop their faith at the first instance of pressure, whether experiential or intellectual. The questions I sometimes hear amaze me (the questions a person asks are very revealing) but it is also an indictment on how SJC has been educating - or not - her members.

The truth is, if true education is a systematic, layer upon layer discipline - as can be seen from how secular education is done - then it can be said that most Christians are not properly educated. We have a hodgepodge of ideas from books, conferences and deducing stuff on our own. We know enough, or we think we do, to manage immediate issues but we are poorly prepared for life and all it entails in space and time.

Some Christians think that if we think too much, we will weaken our faith and drop out altogether. But 39 years on - since I became a Christian and found myself in the thick and thin of church life - I have found that the opposite is generally true.  I know of countless Christians caught in the mega-church or revival fads that are no longer active in the faith today. It is the “inch-deep” syndrome.

It is never too late to do something about this. Let’s encourage each other to pursue the things of God and to love Him, as we so boldly declare in our liturgy, with ALL. Get growing and stop wasting your life away.