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Vicar writes 15/16 November

posted 16.11.2014


On behalf of our Vicar and with great joy and thanksgiving to God, we are pleased to announce that “Give Him A Hundred” 2014 collected $100,912.86 from 254 saving boxes/envelopes for the Diocesan missions work in the 6 deaneries! This surpassed our two internal indicators;

1. To exceed the 2013 giving for “Give Him A Hundred” and
2. 100% participation from the SJC family (this is computed as 217 boxes/envelopes by dividing our average 2014 attendance of 867 by 4 persons per household).

Thank you for your generosity; everyone, both young and old, played a part in this. It was a tremendously emotional and moving sight for me personally, watching members and families come forward to present their freewill offerings to God for the salvation of ALL peoples. In my spirit I felt something had shifted positively in the spiritual realm as God begins to make us missional for His glory!

This is only the beginning; let us continue in the spirit of becoming a missional church. It was with that in mind we gave out the “Give Him A Hundred” forever savings bank last week!  If you did not get one, please pick one up today.

Why “Give Him A Hundred” FORVER? Simply because the Gospel has not yet reached all the nations and we need to continue to be God’s agent for change as we “Pray, Give, Send and Go!”

At the Diocesan Synod last week we asked God for “New strength to pursue God’s mission” followed immediately by the Missions Consultation and Roundtable which ended on Friday. At this roundtable, our Singapore and deanery pastors, missionaries and workers joined 73 foreign archbishops, bishops, missionaries and mission agencies from 10 countries to share and learn together how to bring the Gospel to the 520 million dwelling in South East Asia by planting Anglican Dioceses in the 6 deanery countries!

Thank God for like-minded brothers and sisters partnering the Diocese to fulfil God’s Great Commission in the fields we are called to work in and seeing the Spirit directing an ever expanding growth of the Gospel proclamation to Egypt, Africa, UK, US and Australia! This weekend, we welcome Revd Dave Clancey and his team from St Saviour’s Church, Christchurch. The Holy Spirit had moved them to explore a partnership with St James’ for the church planting work in Lat Krabang. This testifies to the amazing unity and faithfulness of God which we have in Jesus Christ; may God be glorified and his church take root in Lat Krabang for His glory!

This vision of “Give Him A Hundred” is until Jesus returns; it was also shared with our children and young people in SPK and JYM. By God’s grace, I call you to be a part of this expanding movement in the Diocese of Singapore. More information will be shared through the course of 2015 on how we can meaningfully pray, give, send and go, both in Banchang and Lat Krabang in Thailand and as the Spirit directs, perhaps into other areas of our Diocesan mission deaneries.


Revd Chua Siang Guan
On behalf of the Missions Committee