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Using your gifts: How you can serve in SJC

posted 31.01.2013


Dear Members & Friends

In response to the messages and calls made over the pulpit these past weekends, below is a way you can indicate where you would like to help or serve in. This may not be applicable for those of you who are already part of a ministry or Cell/DG. Please reply to

Yours in Christ,

Pas Terry & Staff team


SJC: “Using My Gifts” - Where I would like to serve



Contact No:                   Attending:  ____ (SES/E1/E2/E3) 


I like to serve in the following (pls specify): _________________

Ministries / Areas Of Service

• Welcome Team (Greeters/Befrienders)
• Car Park Marshals
• Food Ministry (Cooks/Helpers)
• Children’s Ministry (Super Powerkids/Teleios Kids/Saturday School)
• Worship & Creative Arts (Singing, Choral, Musicians, Dance, Drama, Audio-Visual)
• Media & Communication (Photo/Video/Writers/Print Design)
• Alpha (Hosts, Food, Logistic, Facilitators)
• HOPE (Visitation, Ministry to the sick)
• Family Life Ministry (Counsellors, Mentors, Helpers)
• Missions (Prayer, Field Volunteers)

Community Services
• HEAL (Prison Outreach, Befriending)
• JOY (Women Support Group)
• Tealight Corner (Residents @ RC Zone E)
• B.I.G. Club (Children @ RC Zone E)
I would like to join a: _____________

• Home Cell (All Ages)
• Discipleship Group (Teleios)

Further comments or requests: