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The #RetireLazarus Story

posted 08.11.2015

Hello everyone. This is Lazarus the van and his friends, the children from Bethlehem House in Banchang, Thailand.

Lazarus is a very old van who is a loyal friend to the children in Bethlehem House. The children who stay at Bethlehem House have no mummies and daddies to look after them or bring them here and there. Lazarus brings the children to school, to church and to outings to the beach. Lazarus even brings the children on mission trips to share Jesus with other children!

Old Lazarus started his life in Bangkok fetching people from Christ Church Bangkok to places they needed to go to. He used to bring people from Bangkok to visit Banchang and then back to Bangkok again.

Then one day, the people in Banchang needed help to ferry the Bethlehem House children around so Lazarus was driven about 170km from Bangkok to Banchang which would be his new home. It takes about 2-3 hours to get from Bangkok to Banchang because some parts of the roads are full of pot-holes and traffic can sometimes be very bad.

Lazarus loved his new home in Banchang and his new friends from Bethlehem House. And his friends from Bethlehem House loved him right back!

However, years of faithful service have left old Lazarus sickly and with heavy hospital bills. He has been in and out of the car hospital many times and his engine even had to be resuscitated more than once!

Despite all this, Lazarus continues to bring the children everywhere they need to go; but very slowly. There was once, the children of Bethlehem House wanted to visit other children in a mountainous place called Omkoi in Chiangmai. They wanted to go there to tell the children all about Jesus.

Chiangmai is about 800km away and it takes about 10 to 12 hours to get there! But old Lazarus managed to slowly huff and puff and huff and puff up the mountains and Praise God! They made it to Omkoi and back!

So now, the children in Bethlehem House would like to retire their friend Lazarus because he is old and sickly and very tired. But in order to do that, they need money to buy another van to bring them around.

They need about S$40,000 to buy a good quality 2nd hand van. They know it’s a lot of money but they have made beautiful bracelets and necklaces with their own hands to sell to raise funds.

Will you bring encouragement to the hearts of these children by supporting their effort to #retirelazarus? Each purchase will contribute towards the $40,000 for a new van so that Lazarus can finally retire from his duties.