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The Church as a Family - Vicar writes 27 April

posted 26.04.2013

Confirmation candidates dressed in white – from left: Henry Alfred William Lloyd-Horton,  Zhong Youjia,  Josephine Lee, Cheryl Chua, Ong Swee Geok, Denis Lim & Joshua Yee

We welcomed 7 new members to the SJC Family at the Confirmation Service last Sunday. We are grateful to Bishop Yong Chen Fah (retired Asst Bishop of Sabah), who was present to lead the Service. From this year onwards, we will have two Confirmation Services, in April and Sept/Oct. If you are not a member of SJC yet, please consider signing up for the next Confirmation Service.

We look forward to the focus on Family Life issues next month in our Services, with the theme “Seasons of the Family.” Do consider who you can invite for these special Services. An essential part of following Christ is doing so in the context of our family relationships. The Family Life Ministry (headed by Carolin Tan) are helping the church to focus and support our families and singles in a variety of ways. There is a mistaken view that we only need help if there is a “problem.” As our family relationships are imperfect and as there is room for their potential to be realized, we seek to help each other to grow in Christ.

Going beyond that is the understanding of the Church as a family. We often see the church as a vehicle to accomplish something but fail to see that we are called to be a family of God and to live out that spiritual reality. As a highly respected Anglican leader put it, “Community is both the basis and goal of evangelism.” It is a short sentence which carries rich biblical truths.