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颂琦 - Remembering God’s miraculous providence

posted 20.12.2013

After 5 years of marriage, we prayed for God to give us courage to have children. We asked Him to change our selfish hearts for not wanting to give up our twosome way of life, and the courage to assume such a hefty responsibility of raising a child.

When Coco was conceived, I was full of anxiety and doubt: how can I be a mother when in many ways I still felt like a child?

But as Coco grew in me, my love for her increased to the point that I felt I loved her more than my own self and was ready to do just about anything for her.

This sentiment was put to the ultimate test when things started to go south in my pregnancy. At 25 weeks, when Coco weighed less than 500g, I suddenly went into labor. By His divine intervention, I managed to make it to KKH in time, where I was told that the baby will be born with 50% chance of survival with many possible health problems.

It was critical to keep Coco in as long as possible.

They administered drugs to prevent frank labor. I had to lay absolutely flat on my back all the time, often at a reverse incline. It was very trying on my spirit because I was constantly worried about the baby. The room was very small and no visitors except Zach was allowed.

It was getting very difficult to pass the time looking up at the ceiling without constantly imagining the worst. I was told that I would have to do this if possible up to full term (40th week). After 2 weeks, I was about to lose my mind. It was only by praying and worshipping with Zach in the tiny room did I manage to get fresh wind to carry on to increase her chances of being a healthy baby.

At the end of the third week, doctors started to insist they withdraw the drugs preventing labor because of potential heath complications for me. Two hours after the drugs were withdrawn, the labor restarted, this time with a vengeance. They could not detect the baby’s heartbeat and I was absolutely out of my mind with grief because I thought the worst had happened. Many hours later after an emergency C-section, I woke up to learn that Coco was alive but very tenuously so (in photo - newly born Coco).

We were hardly able to give thanks to God in the beginning of our journey in the NICU, but with each passing day, each prayer offered up and each medical test, our strength regained when it became clearer to us that she was fully formed and would have no lasting defects associated with prematurity. After a 3-month long battle in the hospital, she came home to us last Christmas Day, a sign of how special a gift from God she is to us.

We named Coco Reta "颂琦"to signify and to remember Gods miraculous (奇) providence during her birth and to praise (颂)Him forever for delivering her from death to life.

We are forever indebted to members of our cell group for their constant prayers and support, to KK women's hospital, and to my parents who stood by us unwaveringly.

Lastly all glory belongs to God for being the merciful hand that held us all together in His timing and wisdom. We had prayed for courage to become parents, we never imagined that He would have answered our prayer in this fashion. Through it all He tried us only as far as His Grace covered us, and our daughter will forever be living proof of Gods faithfulness towards us.