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Reflecting on my visit to Worship Central, London

posted 20.12.2013

“When we worship, we begin to unite around the truth that “Jesus Is Lord” and that He has won the victory…… When we worship, we come to the end of ourselves and the beginning of God.”

I simply cannot get these words from Tim Hughes’ opening keynote session out of my head.

Worship is so vital to our lives. It is so crucial it would not be too far off the grid to say that our lives depended on it.

As Christians we believe that the One whom we worship is the One who has created us, and also the One who has won the victory and redeemed us. Worship has the ability to change our perspective when it comes to life. People come to worship on a Sunday with questions about life. Others come broken, overwhelmed by a sense of despair at the hand that life seems to have played them. But as we worship our God, we begin to see things from His perspective. We find hope in the Cross. We find strength in His Grace. We find guidance through His Word. Our energy and vision for life is renewed.

It was truly inspiring to be part of an event which saw worship pastors, leaders, musicians, singers and songwriters from over 30 nations gathered with the same purpose: to have their vision and passion for the worship of the Almighty renewed; to be inspired and equipped that they may be able to return back to their home churches to better serve and build their teams; to ultimately see their homes, cities and countries impacted by the glory of God through worship.

Worship Central is a school of worship from Alpha International. Led by Tim Hughes, Worship Director of Holy Trinity Brompton, Worship Central has a vision to train and equip worship leaders, musicians and worshippers around the world. Part of the outworking of this vision includes the introduction of the Worship Central Course, which was launched during the conference. The Course is a free video resource designed to help equip and train church worship teams.

I am humbled and honoured to have the opportunity to be part of the Worship Central team here in Singapore. In 2014, Worship Central is looking to partner with Alpha Singapore to promote the Worship Central Course in churches all across the city. Various Worship Central events, aimed at rallying worship leaders and worship team members from churches all over Singapore are also in the pipeline. The vision is to create a community of worshippers that will be able to encourage and build one another up as we serve in our own local churches.

Tim Hughes and a team from Worship Central UK will also be coming to Singapore in August 2014 for a Worship Central Training Day. They will also be leading worship at the Festival Of Praise. A full Worship Central Singapore conference is planned for 2015.

I returned to Singapore after the conference refreshed, with a renewed passion to serve SJC in the various ministries that I am part of (especially Alpha & worship). The trip gave me fresh vision for my service in 2014.

Thank you to Ps Terry, PCC and the church for releasing and supporting me on this trip to Worship Central 2013.