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Reading your way to Growth

posted 08.11.2013

I was listening to Revd Paul Cowley’s message (Redeeming Grace) and Revd Yee’s Father’s Day message (Men in His image) from our website. I was very encouraged by both. As I have an Iphone-friendly audio deck in my car, doing this was easy. I also re-listened some of the messages from Zechariah and indeed, this part of Scripture is so rich.

I found that I had a lot of reading time when I was away in Nairobi. Through my Ipad and a borrowed digital title from our National Library (using Overdrive app), I finished reading Niall Ferguson’s Civilization: The West & the Rest. Niall is an Oxford historian and I find his analysis on why the West led the world fascinating. There is one chapter on the impact of Protestant Christianity and the influence of Christianity in modern China.

I also but I find some Apps helpful for devotion. In particular, I find the Reflections for Daily Prayer, based on the Anglican lectionary, helpful. Nicky Gumbel’s Bible in a Year is also very good, and especially helpful for new believers. All these are available online for your PC or smartphone (iOS or Android).

I suppose, more than ever, Christians have access to all kinds of resources for growth, continual education and discipline of the mind and life. I know reading do not come easy for most, but it is a discipline like every thing else. The more you do it, the easier it gets. The mind, like our body, gets into better shape when you use it regularly in a proper way.

The reverse is also true. We also have access to all kinds of stuff that can enslave us, may it be porn or computer gaming. When we fill it with addictive substances like drugs and nicotine, it will waste your body away. If we allow our minds to be dominated by porn, self-indulgence will also shrink and enslave your mind. And as we are not made of parts, what happen to one part affects the whole being. When you really think of it, your destiny is being affected by what you do daily. None of us want to live our lives with regrets.

Indeed Christian discipleship is not about what you do in church, but how you live your life in your private and spare moments. We need to continue to encourage each other to walk closely with the Lord and find the daily wisdom to live each day to His glory. 

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