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JYM Banchang Trip 2015

posted 12.04.2015

“Our team of 10 youths led by Pastor Henry went for a mission trip to Thailand from the 24th to 31st March. We are thankful for the opportunity to see God work, and to be used by Him!

We organised a youth camp for 40 youths from various churches in Banchang, Bangkok, Rayong Baptist and Chiang Mai. During the camp we bonded with the youths over games and a mass dance, and taught them more of God’s word through sharing at devotions and sessions.
We also visited a Juvenile Centre where we performed a skit and shared the gospel with over 400 youths. We are very thankful that 6 youths from the camp and 19 youths from the Juvenile centre prayed to invite Jesus into their lives, praise the Lord!

Bethlehem house is a children development centre that renders help and aid to children facing family problems, and is supported by our church. We fellowshipped with the youths from Bethlehem House through an outing to the beach and pool, conducted an English lesson for them, and helped out with vegetable farming.

Finally, we conducted a bible study and youth service at Christ Church Banchang on Sunday, where we worshipped, played games and shared testimonies. It was great to see God use the testimonies we shared to touch the Thai youths. Saying goodbye to the youths was definitely not easy, we had been greatly blessed by their warmth and love.


The team would like to thank God for allowing us to see more of His faithfulness and grace through this trip. He not only allowed us to see people drawing closer to Him through the many salvations, but also blessed us with very good weather whenever we had outdoor activities! We would also like to thank the church for your prayers and support. Do continue to remember the Thai youths in your prayers, that God will carry on to completion the work he has begun in their lives!

Reflections from the team…

Truly we could feel that God was directing our steps at every point, and it was indeed only by God’s grace that we could have attained any measure of success throughout this mission trip. We may plant and water with all our effort, but only God can make things grow. I pray that the church in Thailand will grow stronger than ever before!
- Joshua

This mission trip for me was a breakthrough in 2 ways: the first, helping me overcome the fear of being away from familiar environments, and the second, experiencing God’s love for the children in a way I had never experienced before. Overall, I felt truly blessed and comfortable with this team, and it was a joy to serve the Lord together and see that this trip has borne fruit, not by our own effort but by God’s grace and faithfulness.
- Xue Ting

The trip was really one where we saw God’s faithfulness, and it was humbling to realize that you’re such a small part of the great things God is doing, and yet so exciting to know that He wants us to partner with Him.
- Sabrina

It was great to see the ministry in Christ Church Banchang and how God is using them to take care of the children in Bethlehem House and the Christian community there!
- Jonathan

The mission trip made us appreciate God’s blessings and gave us the privilege to carry out his work; to set prisoners free and proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour.
- Amanda

I’ve been truly blessed by the children we’ve interacted with and it’s opened my eyes to see God’s heart for everyone and His burning desire for all to come to Him.
- Kristy

It was truly a blessing to witness God’s work in the places we visited and His love in all the lovely people we met in Thailand (:
- Kathleen

I have grown to admire the locals who have invested their lives into the people. While I only offer a week to support and encourage them, I am grateful to have the opportunity to be led by his spirit and be part of God’s great plan.
- Joanne

This trip has been an experiential one, God has taught me so much! Having had the opportunity to interact with the welcoming locals in Thailand and seeing their faithfulness in serving the Lord despite the dominance of Buddhism that has been really encouraging and heart-warming.-  -Isabella

Coming back from this trip, I now have a greater passion and excitement to live my life for God’s purposes! May God continue to work in our lives and theirs, and keep all of us faithful to the end!
- Grace

It has been a fruitful trip for me to see how the team come together for a single purpose in reaching out to the Thai youths for the gospel. God showed up in many ways as we learned to trust in Him in without any personal agenda.
- Pastor Henry


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