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Joining a Discipleship group has changed my life

posted 12.09.2012

When I first heard about the Teleios Discipleship Group, I thought it was something for potential ‘missionaries’. I paid little heed then as it was a commitment which I knew I wasn’t ready for.

It was mentioned a couple more times at Sunday Services and when the program was revealed, it piqued my interest. It was a choice of weekly or fortnightly classes and it will take us 1 or 2 years to go through a structured program to deepen our relationship with God (as disciples).

I wanted to know more about the word of God and I thought this was a great opportunity to go through something structured to deepen my knowledge of God and my Christian faith. That was my primary objective in signing up for the program.

Over the months since we started DG in Sept 2008, I have found unexpected benefits from this program.

(1) It was a challenge initially finding the reference verses throughout the Bible. In fact, that took up more time than answering the questions. After the 3rd session, Jane Chan, one of our DG members helped us by sending us in a Word document all the reference verses that the chapter refers to. It was a great help and a great guide when you are short of time. However, the discipline of flipping my bible to look for the reference verses actually made me well-versed with the order of the books in the Bible.

(2) I also became more curious about contexts in which some of the verses were spoken. It created a hunger in me to read the whole bible, chapter by chapter, book by book which I have never done. Through Chong Lian, our DG leader, I found a Christian website that structures the bible to be read in one year and since December last year, I have started on it. Another one of our DG group member, Mui Ken, also started doing the same after we talked about it at one of our session. She actually bought a book which sets out the whole bible to be read in a year. Going through the Bible has been a very illuminating journey for me. I read about more murders, wars, deceit, violence and adultery in the Bible, especially the Old Testament, than I have read in any other book. 

(3) I also became more confident about the teachings of God. Today, if challenged, I am no longer standing on sandy ground. I can say that I am a more confident Christian, with my faith and love for God built on a stronger foundation.

(4) I also found that I am more willing to reach out, to share and to talk about God. It’s definitely easier to do this with people I am more familiar with though. At one of the earlier DG sessions, we were talking about witnessing. I was sharing that I have never done that and I always felt that I failed in God’s Great Commission. Chong Lian then asked me who decided to baptize my sons, and I said I did and she asked me who introduced my mother to the Christian faith, and I said I did. That was an epiphany moment for me. I never saw that as witnessing. I now feel less inadequate and have become more assured. I can do more but I now don’t feel as guilty that I failed to live up to God’s expectation of being ‘fishers of men’.

(5) The more I learn through DG, the more confident I am to talk about God when the occasion presents itself. I was always averse to speaking freely about my Christian faith at work for fear of misunderstandings. Now on occasion, I find myself referring to God and my faith in God. An example, I did not know this till I was told of an email circulation that went amongst some women after I gave a talk at a conference. Someone from the audience had asked me how to ensure one’s career advancement, and I had talked about not worrying excessively about her career progress itself but focus on making sure that she was doing a job which she enjoys, becoming very good at what she does and being able to communicate clearly and strategically. I then said that succeeding and moving up the career ladder may not be totally within one’s control. It therefore makes more sense to focus on being very good at what one does. It also helps when one has a strong spiritual core by developing a strong relationship with God so that one does not become too obsessed about career progression for its own sake, do or die. I did not realize that a woman in the audience knew me from ages back when I was at JP Morgan. She sent an email out to many of my ex-colleagues, very excited that I had mentioned my relationship with God because she has never heard me refer to God before.

(6) Lastly I want to say that DG has helped shape my faith – my faith is evolving as I grow to know God and God has provided me many epiphany moments as I journey through this program.

I am very grateful for all that he has provided me in my life. In our DG group, we have a great leader in Chong Lian. She is always encouraging and supportive of us, clearing up the confusion, answering our questions and encouraging us through the inevitable rough spots. This takes time, patience, commitment and a love for God, evidenced by her interactions with each one of us and her care for us. I have great DG members in my group (Jane, Vivien and Mui Ken) and through our sharing; we are learning from each other and helping each other grow in our walk with God. 

Don’t miss out on this. Join a Discipleship Group and let God do a new work in your life.


Ms. Jeanette Wong work as DBS’ Group Executive responsible for the Institutional Banking Group. She worships regularly at the 7.30 am Sunday Service. To find out more about how you can join a Teleios Disipleship Group, go here.