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How will we experience the depths of Christian Koinonia?

posted 01.02.2013

Sometimes we think that what binds Christians together is a common vision or project. We serve in SPK together. We sing in the same Home Cell.  We practice our dance or worship together for the Easter Service. Will this bind us?

Others think that intimacy (knowledge of one another) is the key. Again, this is only true to some extent. I wear my name tag, you wear yours and we have coffee together. I find out about your hobbies and you, my family background. Will this necessary enrich our friendship? Maybe, maybe not.

What is koinonia? It is a Greek word for sharing something in common, usually translated “fellowship” in the Bible. Now, what do Christians share or have in common? Surely, what we have in common is our relationship with our Father through our Lord Jesus Christ. Again and again, we are told of how the Spirit enables us to call God “Abba” (Romans 8), i.e. His work creates a sense of family within us, towards God and one another. In Ephesians 2:14-22, we read of work of Christ in drawing us to God and one another.  From 1 John 1:7, we learn that we have koinonia with one another when we live and walk in the Light.

I can go on, but you get my drift. I can meet a believer, an Anglican perhaps, and he may even be a clergy. If he is not walking with Christ, lack in love (right beliefs but bigoted) or a living faith (loving but no Gospel faith), there is little in the essential which we have in common. The friendship will be superficial at best. The same can also happen if I am far from God. A Canon I may be, but it will be all sound but no fury.  

In my years serving in Alpha office and fellowshipping with brothers and sisters in Christ from all denominations, I have observed or experienced this. May it be a Methodist, Pentecostal or Roman Catholic, there is sweet fellowship when our hearts are bonded to Christ. 

Walk closely with God by His Spirit, and we will discover deep treasures of koinonia. That is the starting point. Draw close to God and you will find yourself relating to other Christians in rich ways, without superficiality or dysfunctionality.

Walk close with your Father. Be intimate with Him. And you will learn to love His family. Pray with one another. Share the deep riches of Christ. You will transcend character or personality faults. You will discover the brother or sister in those around you.