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Give Him a Hundred forever

posted 02.11.2014

Missions Month 2014 : Where do we go from here?

Dear SJC Family,

Have you ever wondered what happens after Missions Month? As a member of St. James’ Church, you are also part of a Missional Church movement that does not end until Jesus’ mission is consummated! Allow us to share some updates with you so you can continue to join us in prayer and thanksgiving :

Lat Krabang Building Project

At the making of the Tabernacle, the craftsmen doing the work declared to Moses, “The people are bringing more than enough for doing the work the Lord commanded to be done.” (Exodus 36:5) And that is our jubilant declaration today as well : the people of St. James’ Church have raised a total of $593,778 for the Lat Krabang project, an amount far exceeding our original target of $500,000! We praise God for His faithfulness and thank you for your generous offering. We are so encouraged that you have caught the vision for a future headquarter-church in Thailand. As we move into Phase 2, let us continue to give generously to the formation of a Diocese in Thailand!

“Give Him a Hundred”…Forever!


“Give Him a Hundred”, which was launched in 2013, is an initiative of the Diocese of Singapore to support the missions work of the Diocese.


All money collected will go towards the work of the 6 Deaneries which come under the Diocese of Singapore. This is our immediate mission field which spans 6 countries, namely, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam.


1.   Continue to fill up the “Give Him a Hundred” savings banks which you received a couple of weeks ago with cash or cheques.
2.   You can also put cash or cheques in an envelope if you do not have a savings bank.
 3.   We also encourage you to put a faith pledge in an envelope eg. “I will pray for 100 minutes for the 6 Deaneries” or “I will pray for God to raise 100 missionaries”.


Bring all your envelopes / savings banks to any weekend service on the 8/9 November. These offerings will be consecrated and presented together as a wave offering* to the Lord!

In 2013, nearly $500,000 was raised (this covers only 38.4% of the operating budget of the 6 Deaneries) of which $16,374 came from SJC. No spare funds were available for planned capital projects estimated at $16.9 million at 2014 prices which are expected to rise over time.

On 8/9 November, we are hoping to arrive at 2 specific goals :

   1.   An increase over the 2013 collections.
   2.  217 cheques/envelopes of cash/savings boxes. This represents 100% of SJC persons/households.

Why these 2 specific goals?

In Exodus 35, words and phrases like “whole Israelite community”, “all” and “everyone” were commonly used to describe those involved in giving, working and responding to God’s call; not only through finances but also through their skills and service!

Being a Missional Church means that the whole of SJC - seniors, adults, youth and children - will actively be participating in giving to missions for the completion of world evangelization. In Exodus it is symbolized in the completion of the Tabernacle; salvation is in the worship of Yahweh, the one true and living God!

We pray that you will continue to give generously and consistently even after Missions Month. Don’t forget to collect your “Give Him a Hundred” Forever permanent savings bank on your way out of the service. Use this to collect offerings all year through until “Give Him a Hundred” 2015!

To God be the glory!

SJC Missions Committee

* What is a wave offering?
God’s people presented the things needed to construct the Tabernacle as a wave offering (Exodus 35:22). Interestingly, the wave offering foreshadows salvation in Jesus Christ. The first crop to ripen in Israel is barley; and before any harvest begins, a sheaf of barley is waved as an offering to God (day after Passover) along with a sacrifice of a one year old lamb without defect. Until this is done, the crop cannot be harvested or eaten (Lev 23:12-14). Then follows the Feast of Weeks (Pentecost) where 2 loaves of bread baked from the grains harvested is waved before the Lord. Jesus is the firstfruit of our salvation; dying as a grain of wheat to produce a bountiful harvest (John 12:23-24) for the glory of God! By faith, we bring our “Give Him A Hundred” offering so that the Gospel will be preached to all nations and usher in the Kingdom of God.