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For me to live is Christ, to die is gain.

posted 09.07.2012

​“For me to live is Christ, to die is gain.” - Thanks Toong Yin for showing us how. 

I only got to know Toong Yin when Revd Hwa Chih and her join St James’ Church a few years ago. It was a pastor-member relationship I had with her from the word go. 

Those of us who were privileged to know here will agree that she was an immensely likeable woman. She was always joyful, personally very attentive to each person she spoke to and made them feel special. There was a stability and calmness in her character, a depth of spiritual insight, godliness, maturity and a ability to lead and direct which attracted many sisters who were seeking for encouragement and spiritual direction. 

She was attentively listening to every sermon and I knew because she will feedback and interact with me on the points. A prayerful woman, she was consistently in tuned with God and it showed in the way she participated in the Services, Cells and ministry life of the Church.

Even when she was very ill, she made a point to be in church activities. I still have vivid memories of her hobbling along (as she could no longer walk steadily on her own) as she enthusiastically participated in our first prayer meeting back at Leedon. When I saw her just after Camp, she asked about the messages. Even in her illness, she was still thinking about the church and enthusiastic about her life and ministry. 

Sometimes you come across someone who modelled the Christian life very inspiringly and Toong Yin was one of them. We have lost a spiritual elder and mentor in the church.

The influence of a person lives on through her legacy. May we seek to be more like Christ. May our lives reflect His Lordship and presence. May we learn to love, give and grow in self-less humility. 

Sometimes people struggle to believe in God or that there can be anything really good in life. A life well lived for Christ can shed light in such darkness.