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Exploring the Meaning of Life on the eve of National Day

posted 10.08.2012

The Plaza was humming as 130+ participants dined at the Alpha Introductory Dinner on the eve of National Day. More than 80 were guests.

This is the second time St James' is hosting the Course at the new building. The Plaza, as usual, is splendid for occasions like these.

The Food Ministry team looked relax and comfortable with cooking and preparing the buffet line. Being a ‘home-cooked’ and multi-cuisine buffet, some of the dishes were unusual and the team sought to give guests a unique “National Day” dining experience, Singapore-style.

Next, the crowd moved to Sanctuary 2 for some National Day fun and to hear some previous Alpha participants being interviewed about their experiences. Vanessa found the hospitality at Alpha warm and ‘touching.’ Mark shared about how he found the reality of Christ through attending the course. Margaret contrasted her experiences in church Services and Alpha. You can ask questions in the latter!

Nicky Gumbel’s video talk on “Exploring the Meaning of Life” was spot on as usual, challenging us to be serious in exploring the deeper questions of life.

Conversations continued as everyone moved back to the Plaza for the dessert buffet line. Many guests enjoyed the evening and a good number said that they will be back.

We are looking forward to a good Course for the coming Wednesdays evenings (7pm) and Sundays (2.30 pm). This is just the start of the Course and you can still invite your guests to be a part of this.