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Come be with Me and Serve

posted 19.10.2014


“I thank Him who has given me strength, Christ Jesus our Lord, because He judged me faithful, appointing me to His service,” (1Ti 1:12 ESV)

Like the apostle Paul, we volunteers of St James' Church HEAL Ministry joyfully thank our Lord Jesus for giving us strength, faithfulness, and choosing us to serve with Him in ministry to Christian convicts and ex-convicts.

Through our Wednesday Care Group and monthly birthday celebrations, we draw ex-convicts closer into our church community to bolster their personal faith in Jesus Christ. We champion marriage and family reconciliation by hosting the HEAL annual Chinese New Year Dinner and year-end BBQ party.

Six new volunteers heeded our call to service last year and have joined up to run the Alpha Course at The New Charis Mission and The Helping Hand halfway houses. The new Alpha helpers witnessed the power of the Holy Spirit Weekend when participants shared their touching testimonies of experiencing the Spirit of the living God.

In July this year, a team of six (HEAL brothers and Helping Hand alumni) was sent to five Taiwan drug rehabilitation centres to share Jesus' gospel and testimonies of His life-changing power. The brothers also trained and conducted an intense 5-day Alpha Course in Tainan prison. A majority of the convicts gave their lives over to Jesus.

The Women's Prison In-care team warmly welcomed 2 new  Mandarin/ dialect-speaking volunteers. Bolstered with multi-lingual translation, our female HEAL volunteers had greater and deeper reach into families of convicts during last year's Project AngelTree house visitation.

Our HEAL sisters are now fervently praying for even more committed & dedicated Mandarin/dialect-speaking female volunteers to pioneer the After-care support group. This spiritual fellowship is crucial for reintegrating female ex-convicts back into church, society, and covering them with practical care and prayer.

We invite you, St James' brothers and sisters, to step into Jesus' call for serving Christian convicts and ex-convicts.

Please contact Ivan Lim ( / 8522-5037 ) or Eugene Ho ( / 9862-1215 ) if you wish to join us transforming lives in HEAL.

We look forward to welcoming you to the HEAL Ministry!

Come be with our Lord Jesus, and serve.