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Bidding farewell to the Hsus

posted 14.08.2012

We bid farewell to Peter, Jeri, Karis and Zachary Hsu as they move to Hong Kong in early August. Peter is returning to be with his ailing mother.

The Hsus have played an integral role in the life of the church since they started worshiping in SJC in 2008.

Peter has served in our Missions Committee, PCC and led DG groups. For a season, was also helping with pulpit preaching. His heart for the plight of foreign workers here have also alerted us to be more aware of their needs. I recall how he was actively advising and helping us to connect with the family of the worker who passed away in the early stage of our building project (Pic below: Leading Prayers at the worksite). One fruit of the awareness is the weekly Friday lunch which our staff will buy for the workers throughout the project. We were also encouraged to hold Christmas dinners for the workers and we did.

Jeri is a bundle of joy and life and parents and kids in the morning Teleios Kids ministry will miss her dearly. As a family, they have been exemplary in reflecting how Christ can be Lord in our daily lives and values. This overflowed into their commitment to Advent as a Christian tradition, inspiring some families here to do likewise instead of being swept away by a commercial Christmas.

Peter and Jeri’s close and unwavering support for our ministry here, caring enough to give constructive feedback and alternative views have all been helpful for our spiritual journey here.

We will miss them and in God’s timing and guidance, pray that one day, in community and ministry, we can be together again.