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A letter from Mikayla Yap in Lat Krabang, Thailand.

posted 12.10.2014

Hello Friends and Family of SJC!

My name is Mikayla Yap and I just turned 2 years old. I was born in Thailand because my papa and mama are missionaries here. Let me introduce you to my papa and mama whom I love very, very much :

My papa is Andrew and my mama is Diana. God had impressed His missions call on them individually way before I was born, even before they got married! In 2007 after papa and mama got married, God led them to be missionaries in Thailand with the Anglican Church in Thailand.  So he and mama packed all their things and started their exciting new journey in Bangkok in 2009. (PS/ I was born exactly 3 years after they first arrived in Thailand!)

After learning the Thai language full-time for one year, they started preparing for a new church plant in Lat Krabang. Their first step was setting up Cornerstone Student Centre, which is at the heart of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology (KMITL) where thousands of university students live. They are all very clever! The centre offers many different English language programmes. Thai students all want to learn English so Cornerstone is very popular! It has been running for 3 years now and over 560 students have come through our centre. Not only do the students learn English, they end up making a lot of friends and through our friendship, we also get to tell them about Jesus.

Something very exciting happened about one year ago! My papa, together with a team, started Lat Krabang Anglican Church (LKAC). It is just like SJC except that it is a little smaller and people there sing and speak in Thai. Today, the church has about 20 members. I love going to church every Sunday (although I am the only kid there). Everybody knows me and it is like my second home.

My papa told me that he will have to work very hard in the next few years because there are big plans for Lat Krabang. The Anglican Church has bought a big, big, big piece of land and they are going to build a new church and a new headquarters for the Anglican Church in Thailand. But he doesn’t mind working hard at all because doing God’s work is very exciting!

My mama is the world’s mostest wonderful mummy ever! Since I was born, she has taken care of me 24/7. I keep her so busy that she hardly has time for anything else. Mama plays with me, cooks everyday, feeds me, reads to me, puts me down for nap and bedtime, and does “night guard duty” every night for me. Now that I am a big girl, she also brings me to a playgroup once a week. It is quite far away from our home but I love playgroup because I get to meet many friends, sing my favourite “Brown Bear” song, and do my goofy dance.

Papa and mama always remind me that we can tell God everything and anything through prayer. We can ask for His help in anything we do. Please remember me, my mama and my papa when you pray. Here are some things you can pray for :

For Papa :
• For wisdom, love and joy as he serves and leads the team.
• That he will be able to draw close to Jesus everyday.
• He will be able to discern and follow God’s will for the Lat Krabang Project.

For Mama :
• To draw near to God and be more like Him even in the daily chores in caring for and growing me. 
• For His wisdom in parenting as well as guidance with regards to suitable timeline for sending me to school in the future and for the choosing of a suitable school.
• Godliness, and to be a good support to the Lat Krabang team even though she does not serve directly in it now.

For Me :
• I thank God cos I am developing well. I am an active, happy kid, and I can say MANY words now!
• My papa and mama say I am a fussy eater (i.e. I like to spit food out for fun or be picky at almost every meal, hehe) and I don’t sleep through the night, so, pray that I can eat and sleep better ☺
• God will watch over me and protect me. That I will know Jesus’ love more and more.

Thank you SJC family! We love you!


Mikayla on behalf of Mama and Papa