• posted 16.07.2017

    Vicar’s write 15/16 July 2017

    This is the sole reason why we jumped on the opportunity to host this course in SJC as a way of celebrating our 40th anniversary

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  • posted 02.07.2017

    Vicar’s write 1/2 July

    Get hold of your LoveSingapore’s 40 Day fast & prayer guide today if you have not done so. Let us join Singapore to pray for our beloved nation even as we see a thickening darkness swirling and enveloping the world.

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  • posted 18.06.2017

    Vicar’s write 17/18 June

    To prepare ourselves to receive all that God wants to bless us with, may I encourage you to do some advance reading in preparation, personal study and listening to God’s Holy Spirit.

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  • posted 21.05.2017

    Vicar’s write 21 May

    Thank God for a very joyous culmination to REJOICE as we REMEMBER God’s faithfulness at the SJC40 celebration service cum dinner at the Singapore EXPO on 30th Apr 2017.

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  • posted 12.03.2017

    Vicar’s write 11/12 March

    2017 marks 40 years of the life of SJC; it is indeed an exciting year as we end one generation and move into another.

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  • posted 01.01.2017

    Vicar’s write 1 January

    May God help us celebrate with all our might in His grace and goodness; until we and the whole world are found in Christ and transformed be like Jesus, to the glory of God! We will end 2017 with thanksgiving as a parish that by grace we have grown and continue to do so till Jesus comes back again.

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