• posted 17.12.2017

    Farewell Reflections from Rev Peter Chen

    Rosalind and I also thank the SJC community for your warmth and care. May God empower us to do what He has intended us to do and may SJC grow from glory to glory.

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  • posted 17.09.2017

    Vicar’s write 16/17 September 2017

    Our vision for SJC is to be a Crossroads Church of Spirit-empowered disciples; may the Gospel be sounded out as we bring all things under the rule and Lordship of Jesus.

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  • posted 26.08.2017

    Vicar’s write 26/27 August

    Let us go beyond the prayers we have offered to God over the weeks and remember these our brethren who are suffering and bring them hope to know they are not forgotten as disaster after disaster strikes this nation.

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  • posted 20.08.2017

    Vicar’s write 19/20 August 2017

    Whether you are considering presenting your child for baptism or were baptized as a child and not yet confirmed, may God lead you to make a decision to be baptised / confirmed as you receive His grace given freely.

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  • posted 16.07.2017

    Vicar’s write 15/16 July 2017

    This is the sole reason why we jumped on the opportunity to host this course in SJC as a way of celebrating our 40th anniversary

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  • posted 02.07.2017

    Vicar’s write 1/2 July

    Get hold of your LoveSingapore’s 40 Day fast & prayer guide today if you have not done so. Let us join Singapore to pray for our beloved nation even as we see a thickening darkness swirling and enveloping the world.

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  • posted 18.06.2017

    Vicar’s write 17/18 June

    To prepare ourselves to receive all that God wants to bless us with, may I encourage you to do some advance reading in preparation, personal study and listening to God’s Holy Spirit.

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  • posted 21.05.2017

    Vicar’s write 21 May

    Thank God for a very joyous culmination to REJOICE as we REMEMBER God’s faithfulness at the SJC40 celebration service cum dinner at the Singapore EXPO on 30th Apr 2017.

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  • posted 12.03.2017

    Vicar’s write 11/12 March

    2017 marks 40 years of the life of SJC; it is indeed an exciting year as we end one generation and move into another.

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  • posted 01.01.2017

    Vicar’s write 1 January

    May God help us celebrate with all our might in His grace and goodness; until we and the whole world are found in Christ and transformed be like Jesus, to the glory of God! We will end 2017 with thanksgiving as a parish that by grace we have grown and continue to do so till Jesus comes back again.

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