• posted 11.12.2016

    Vicar’s write 10/11 December 2016

    Finally, let us thank God for a wonderful opportunity to grow in love for the brethren.

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  • posted 20.11.2016

    Vicar’s write 19/20 November 2016

    Shalom, before the hectic year-end activities pile up, I write to introduce the recommended book for cell groups in 2017.

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  • posted 09.10.2016

    Vicar’s write 9 October

    We continue to improve facilities to serve our growing ministry needs.Thank you for your patience, prayers and partnership in the gospel.

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  • posted 18.09.2016

    Vicar’s write 18 September 2016

    “The time is now’ for us to remember, rejoice and respond to God as we are changed from one degree of glory to another daily.”
    That was the ending sentence to my last Vicar’s write in May 2016, looking forward to SJC40!

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  • posted 29.05.2016

    Vicar’s write 28/29 May 2016

    “The time is now” for us to remember, rejoice and respond to God as we are changed from one degree of glory to another daily.

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  • posted 06.03.2016

    Vicar’s write 6 March 2016

    LOVE is the defining mark of a disciple and there are many practical opportunities to practice this even as God blesses St James’ Church.

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  • posted 14.02.2016

    Bishop’s Pastoral Letter for Ash Wednesday

    It has been just over a month into 2016 and we have gotten off to a busy start with the solar and lunar years so close to each other. In God’s grace,

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  • posted 31.01.2016

    Vicar’s write 30/31 January

    The ONE thing is clear for us; all we do in church is focused on discipleship and I thank God that He is ever patient with us as we continue to map this out for St James’.

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  • posted 17.01.2016

    The SJC Staff Team Retreat to Align in Unity

    As we closed the retreat, we recognized that each of us was called by God at different times and in different ways. But one thing remains – we are all called to be part of the SJC Staff Team to minister, glorifying God in the different areas where He has placed us.

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  • posted 03.01.2016

    Vicar’s write 3 January 2016

    2016 may be very challenging; but let us cling to God and His revealed word. The Bible is eternal and every word of the sovereign God will come to pass. We read the newspapers to pray but let us read the Word of God to shape and transform our mind.

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